Sunday 27 November 2016

Character Base Mesh changes - Frost Warden class

 When creating the male base mesh, I wanted to ensure that it was as generic as possible, having no defining features so that it could be used perhaps as an NPC model later on in production.

More importantly though, is that the other main reason I did this was so that I could take the generic base mesh into zbrush and give it some more defining features in our earlier stages of development, in order to create meshes for our playable character.

To the right is the altered base mesh that i created from the generic base mesh. Taking it into Zbrush I was able to sculpt it more in the style of the characters face that I am currently working on in this concept, being the frost warden.
The frost warden ( Concept shown above ) has a far more gaunt elvish looking face to him, compared to that of the original mesh that i created.

His chin and nose are a lot more pointy and his cheek bones a little higher. I can now work on this mesh again, by creating a high poly version of it that included more detail in the face and also elsewhere on the body like the arms, mainly anything that will show under that isnt covered by armor.

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