Monday 28 November 2016

Frost Warden armor (Work in progress)

I am at the stage now with frost wardens armor set that i felt comfortable putting it into sketchfab. Its in a state now where the texturing and everything else is actually finished, though at this stage the issue that i am having is that im trying to make the sash around his waste appeared torn and ragged at the bottom, as im sure you can see my failed attempt at a clear texture.

Im still trying to get to the bottom of why im unable to achieve  the clear textures at the bottom of the sash, where the fabric has been torn. I have added an alpha channel over the top of the texture as well, but I believe that it may be one of the other maps that is messing up the transparency on the sash. - Sketchfab link

Also, just as a sort of disclaimer, I am completely aware that the texture on the character base mesh is a bit strange. Its because I have yet to unwrap the uvs in the character model, so I haven't given it a skin texture yet, this is the next step in my work flow. 






Alpha map

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